Sunday, December 30, 2007

Spiderman's a sell-out

Just when I thought things couldn't get any weirder, that there couldn't possibly be anything else insanely weird going on at the side of the road that The Mom would have to pull the minivan over to see, it happened 24 hours later.

The scene from The Minivan:

As we drove past, we were astonished to see that the colorful car belonged to the one and only Spiderman. Who was selling pictures with himself on the side of a road in Florida.

Of course, we turned around and went back to see what was going on, but by then, Spiderman was packing up shop and was trying to figure out how to take down his tent.

I guess he figured out how to do it.

They should have budgeted for 4 or 5 movies so that Spiderman would have had employment through the end of 2007.

You can't buy crazy like this...

Just in case you needed further proof that Floridians are crazy...let me reintroduce you to the Land of 10,000,000 Nuts....

We were simply driving along in our automobile, heading to Tampa to watch 180 minutes of hockey, when we were stopped at a stop sign in the little town of Parrish (home of the double-wide bank). As we were waiting, this thing went past on the road to which we were perpendicular.

Immediately my hands flew to my purse, and with great excitement I anxiously managed to unzip the bag and pull out my "Florida Crazy Capture Device" aka a digital camera.

The Mom then pulled over the minivan and I got out of the car to await the arrival of the Mystery Machine which was moving at the speed of a patch of turtles and was wobbling all over the place.
Then it got closer.
And closer.
And then stopped to pose for pictures!!!

In case you can't tell, this guy had like 8 dogs in those openings in his shell on the front and back of his bike. WHAT????

Kids, take this post as a publice service announcement to put sunscreen on the top of your head to prevent brain bakeage.

Seriously, only in Florida would you find a fiberglass orange boat on a bicycle carrying 8 dogs wrapped in Christmas garland wobbling down a country road with no apparent place to go.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

FLA Update

One thing I have noticed about my trips to Florida, they always generate a lot of pictures. Not necessarily "Oh, let's preserve this Kodak moment forever and ever because I love this person" pictures, but more like "Holy crap, did you see that?!" pictures. This is why I carry my little digital camera with me everywhere I go!

Example: "Holy Crap! Is your new bank in a double-wide?"

Yes, yes, it is!

Example: "Holy Crap! Is that really an Impala in the parking lot of Sam's Club that is twice the height of a shopping cart?"

Yes, yes, it is.

Example: "Holy Crap! Is that Burger King really selling 50-year old burgers?"

Yes, yes, it is.

Example: "Holy Crap! Does The Steph really have snowmen on her toes?" Yes, yes, she does.

Example: "Holy Crap! Did The Steph really hug a giant mascot?"

Yes, yes, she did. (The Sister, Thunderbug, The Steph)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

One more addition

There's one additional change to The Parent's house that I neglected to mention in my earlier post...

The Mom bought five light-up does which are eating grass gathered around a 10-foot tall light-up palm tree (that was purchased in Minnesota last summer, by the way).

Yes, pictures will follow. Pictures will follow.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Guess who's back...back again...

Yep, shady. The real Slim Shady.

So I have taken a leave of absence from blogging...and I hadn't done it intentionally, but after a while when I thought about why I had taken my involuntary leave of absence, I realized that my new real job that I took on at about the time of the start of my leave of absence was basically daily blogging (a big part of my job is writing, publications, web updating/content management/etc.). And I guess that after spending all day long writing and logged in to a computer, I didn't have anything else to say at night!

Well, I have really had a lot to say, but just not the energy to say it, I guess! Time to start catching up!

And what better time to do it than when I'm in FLA visiting The Family for Christmas. I am lucky enough to have about two and a half weeks down here due to luck in the scheduling at work and a really nice boss!

I got into town on Saturday, and so's a brief recap of what has happened...with more details to follow in the future:

* The Sister is a wise biologist, apparently...I learned within one hour of my flight landing that turtles travel in "patches" of three. You always see turtles in three, I learned. And a grouping of turtles is a "patch." Like other slow-moving things...such as fog. (No, I still haven't figured out where the heck that knowledge came from, either.)

* The town my parents live in has a new a double-wide. Seriously. Pictures to come. I couldn't believe it myself.

* My parents bought this giant tractor from our neighbors!! So now I can drive it anytime I want!!! And they bought a brush hog for it, and a plow. Apparently, in Florida, you need a plow. I haven't figured out for what...but you need one. Pictures to follow on all of that, too.

And that's my brief update...more to come soon!