Monday, June 12, 2006

Movie Review: Cars

Absolutely hilarious. Amazing animation. Great cameos. No cameros. Funny plot line. Original, and creative.

I went into the movie thinking it would be cute, funny, and have cool stars. It had all of that, and went beyond my expectations. I laughed through the whole movie. It was really clever.

The worst part of the movie was the annoying family that came in and sat behind us right before it started - for no reason because there were 8 million other places to sit. Why do people do that? They had about 6 annoying kids that NEVER shut up. We had to move to get away from them. Seriously, some families shouldn't be allowed to go out in public.

Ok, enough about the annoying family. I have to say that I'm kinda at a loss for words to describe the movie. I was very entertained during the whole movie and really enjoyed it. Even if you don't like racing, you'll like it. I think. Anyway, I highly recommend it, though. Go see it!!

Plus, it has Little E in it...who made my list.


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