Saturday, May 06, 2006

Movie Review - Mi:III

I saw Mission Impossible: III last night, and I must say, it lived up to the billing...lots of action, great stunts, lots of guns, Tom Cruise's love interest in the film looking suspiciously like his current flame in real life without actually being her, and lots of cars blowing up.

And it succeeded in doing something else...taking lots of scenes from other movies, and making them unique by having Tom Cruise save the day instead of whatever other action hero actually starred in that scene first. And this comes from someone who constantly hears "I can't believe you never saw that movie" when talking to friends about movies. So you know that with my limited viewing history, this had to be blatent scene-stealing.

In further reviewing the movie over the phone with The Mom, who also saw Mi:III last night, I was reminded of something else about the movie. The Mom thinks that Tom Cruise is good at two things...running fast and making that perplexed/concerned/"I-think-someone-is-talking-to-me-and-I-should-pretend-to-listen" face. She called it perplexed, I added in the other parts.

I have to agree with The Mom that this film emphasized Tom Cruise's lack of acting talent, because most of the movie was just Tom Cruise. He can usually hide behind other actors' talent, but this time it was him, and mostly him.

I also pointed out to The Mom that Tom Cruise also drives cars really fast really well in movies. She didn't seem to think that counted. Oh well.

Overall, I will say that I enjoyed the flick. It was entertaining, action-packed, great stunts and moved right along. I didn't check my watch 47 times like I do sometimes in movies. I give it a thumb's up for viewing.


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