Sunday, April 16, 2006

Movie Review: Larry The Cable Guy - Health Inspector

Before you say anything about "Why would you go see that movie??" I want to let you know that I watched this movie knowing that it was going to be stupid, silly, immature, contain bad acting and freaking hilarious. And I wasn't disappointed on any of the above...because that is exactly what I was looking for!

I dragged one of my friends from work with me to see it. And by dragged, I mean I had to spend 2-3 weeks convincing him to go see it with me...literally. He had never seen the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, so he didn't know how freaking funny this guy was. So I lent him the movie, and he said, "Oh, it is really funny." In fact, he now keeps quoting it! So we decide to go see this flick last night...and for some reason there are only like 3 theaters in the Twin Cities showing this movie. Just because it won't get nominated for an Oscar doesn't mean that theaters can't show it! So we went to the only local one of the 3 theaters and chose one of the 2 times it was showing.

The ticket taker was making fun of us for going to see it - and laughed at the fact that I made my friend see it with me and wasn't paying for his ticket. I said, "Well, at the end of it I may have to pay him back for it." Obviously my friend was very reassured that he had made a wise financial decision in going to see this movie.

Well, we get in to the movie and it was hilarious. Yes, the humor was crude, stupid, immature, idiotic, far from politically correct, etc, etc...and the acting was bad. But there was actually a plot - which was a surprising feature. But it was hilarious. It was exactly what I anticipated - a make-you-bend-over-laughing, thoughtless, mindless nearly 2 hours. And it was exactly what I want in a movie from time to time. Everyone gets all caught up in analyzing how good a movie is, the cinemetography, etc. Sometimes I just want to watch a movie and laugh and not have to think about anything! And guess what - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Go see it if you want to watch a stupid, mindless movie. You won't be disappointed...and you won't ask for your money back either. My friend didn't make me pay him back for his ticket, and he never really wanted to go in the first place!


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