Thursday, March 16, 2006


I've been in Iowa since about 6:00 last night for work. I was supposed to have 3 events today...starting in one city, going to the next, and finishing at the southern-most of the 3 cities this evening. The first two events were cancelled - because of snow. In Iowa. So I left the first city before the first event was even scheduled to start, thinking I may need the whole day to get down here. Or not. The roads were clear once I left the first city. When I drove through the second city I thought, "I think it was a mistake to cancel this one!" Then I got to the 3rd city - at 10:15am. A full EIGHT hours before the start of the final event.

So far I have: gone to Wal Mart, watched TV, read a magazine, made friends with the Super 8 desk worker, had pizza, and then came to the local public library to hit the internet. Whereupon I had to give up my social security card, passport, drivers license, hotel room key, work ID, a Sharpie, AND sign a waiver, just to get on line.

Each computer has a sign that says "Please Sign In At The Check-Out Desk Before Using This Computer." Huh?? But I wanna sign-in at the check-in desk...don't I have to leave if I go to the check-out desk??

And this may be the slowest and worst internet connection ever...but I guess it does have to come to us here across all of the cornfields. Earlier today my cell phone reception was interrupted when I drove past an errant cornstalk left over from last year's harvest. I'm assuming that's what caused me to drop my call...there was nothing else around for acres.

Today has been GREAT! When can I got back to Minnesota???


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