Sunday, May 28, 2006

Fast Weekend

The Mom and The Steph headed to the track again...this time to Elko Speedway, south of the Twin Cities. We've been there a bunch of's a really great track - they keep the action moving, the grandstands are really nice (and new) and the racing is good. Friday night was an "Eve of Destruction" - meaning a lot of cars hit each other! There were figure 8s and, yes, SCHOOL BUS RACING.

The difference at Elko is that the buses are faster and they do figure 8s! So they crash more. I have a great digital video of it - complete with sound, but I don't know to put it on my blog!!! If you know how I can do that, let me know. Otherwise, email me and I'll email you the video - it's cool!

On Saturday, they did this really cool thing before the races started at 7. "Golden Hour" was an autograph session on the track from 6-7, where they lined up one class of cars (there are about 4 classes of cars that race at Elko on a normal Saturday) on the track and let any and all fans down there to see the cars, meet the drivers and get autographs.

I didn't want any autographs, and I have seen race cars before...but it was really cool to see the interaction and how happy the fans (especially the kids) were.

It sounds like they do this every Saturday before they race, and rotate the class of cars that is featured. Now that's cool! One of the coolest moments was when one of the youngest drivers was signing a checkered flag for a little girl. He let her pick out the color of the marker, signed it, and then gave her a piece of candy (a bunch of the drivers had candy or stuff for the kids like it was Halloween)...if you can't read the sign on his "candy jar" it says: "Take Some Candy. Strangers Always Have The Best Candy!" (Click on the picture to open it - you'll see the thing much more clearly!)


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