Monday, May 15, 2006

Movie Review: Friends With Money

I had heard that this movie sucked. Oh, contraire my blog-reading friends. It was freaking hilarious. It was great! It was a movie about people just kinda living, there wasn't really a plot, I don't think...or I missed it if there was one. But all of the characters just kept saying all of the things that people always think and never actually say in real life. Well, OK, things that I think and sometimes say. I'm pretty sure I have actually acted out the scene in Old Navy in real life.

I will say one thing about this movie...when it ended and the credits started rolling, I said (outloud, and the other two people in the theater laughed at me) "THAT'S how the movie ends? What the hell kind of ending is that?" Go see it, you'll understand!


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