Thursday, January 10, 2008

Movie Review: I Am Legend

I was very disappointed. First, I love Will Smith and have loved nearly everything else he has made...Persuit of Happyness, Hitch, Fresh Prince of Bel Aire...but ugh. Let me just list everything not right about this movie so that you don't go see it yourself.

* First, it was a scary movie. I didn't know that. I don't like scary movies. Scary deadish zombie-like people jumping out at you all over the place.

* There was some sort of weird obsession with deer. They were jumping all around all over the place.

* I didn't really see a plot. Guy is alone, guy isn't alone, guy is mean when he isn't alone, guy dies alone. Ooops, sorry. Well, guess you don't have to see it now.

* The woman in the movie didn't appear until the last 15 minutes. And she was random, and had a random kid with her. And the random kid never said a word for some reason. I guess he was mute.

* The more I thought about and talked about the movie as I drove away, the less I liked it. That's not a good sign.


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