Friday, October 13, 2006


Today a couple of friends from Boulder spent the late afternoon and evening showing me around their stomping grounds. We went up through El Dorado Canyon, Flagstaff Mountain, and then to dinner in Boulder. What an absolutely beautiful place. It was a great time! Next year, I need to remember to plan to come out here to hike the trails and really check it out, because it is really breath-taking. Here are the pictures...there's not much more to say about it, I think they speak for themselves. Click on the pictures to see bigger versions, I loaded the full-sized versions this time in order to really show what was there. (And by the way, it took about 187 minutes to load these onto the blog. So you better appreciate them!)

This was in El Dorado Canyon - you can see the rock climbers up at the top - they are crazy. Definitely crazy. It's scary high up there...and sheer rock. Which I guess is why they call it "rock climbing."

This, and the next few, were all in El Dorado.

(This was the last of the El Dorado we move to Flagstaff Mountain.)

This is a view of Colorado University from Flagstaff Mountain.

And a little closer zoom of the football stadium, where the CU Buffalo will lose to, uh, I mean play, Texas Tech tomorrow. Their marching band was in the pedestrian mall of Boulder getting fans fired up this evening by playing the fight song over and over and over and over. I think it's the only song they know, which is probably acceptable for a college marching band at football games.

"I am the queen of the world!" Look, my head is even with the clouds in the distance.

I just think this is gorgeous. Note the CU students with their PBR enjoying the beautiful Friday night up on Flagstaff Mountain.

Even cooler.

Some cool trees up on the mountain.

The view down to Boulder from Flagstaff Mountain.


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