Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Travels with Stephey

Ok, so this won't exactly be a John Steinbeck novel...but I thought it was a clever title...complete with the spelling and everything. A random rambling of some of the stuff I did today, and other thoughts that may or may not be related. Welcome to my Tuesday.

* As you may or may not have figured out, I'm in Colorado. This is monumental in my life for one major reason, it allows me to get in state #48 out of the continental US states. Through travel with my family and work and moving around, I had managed to get in every other state, many of them multiple times. Most of the states in this part of the country we got in when our family used to travel cross country in an RV for about a month at a time when I was younger. For some reason, my parents decided to drive AROUND Colorado every time we came out here. I have basically given them crap about that for a long time, now. And I will continue to give them crap about it because it probably stunted my educational growth or something. But at least I'm FINALLY here! Wahoo.

* This afternoon I went down to Colorado Springs to see the sights. Of course it was overcast and cloudy. So when I went to see the beautiful natural sights, all of my pictures came out a little muted. I drove around Garden of the Gods and went in the visitor center, despite the weather. The woman working there was originally from the Twin Cities area, which was funny. Her entire family still lives there, and she talked and talked and talked and talked about them. Fortunately, I wasn't in a rush. But here are pictures of the Garden of the Gods:

* Then I went to a cave, Cave of the Winds. What a disappointment. My thought process was that it was cloudy out, and up in the mountains you can't see a darn thing with the fog/clouds. So going into a cave seemed to make sense. What a lame-a$$ cave. First of all, the tour guide was a total tool. Second of all, the cave was pathetic. I guess my standards are set unexpectedly high, having been to Mammoth Cave and Carlsbad Caverns when I was younger, hitting every state but Louisiana and Colorado (I got Louisiana in when I drove through it while moving to Texas...and then went there for a weekend while working in Texas...and then drove through it two more times in the next 4 months...now I have been there TOO many times...even got pulled over by a cop there). But even Howe Caverns in NY was WAY better. Here are some pictures of the lame-o cave.
(You can't fool me, I don't think this was a naturally occurring formation in the cave. Gees.)

(Stalactites - formations that hang "tight" to the ceiling. These could be the weakest freaking stalactites I have ever seen. I have seen bigger icicles hanging off of a garage roof.)

(A stalagmite. Not quite as weak-a$$ as the stalactites...but still pretty weak. However, it is larger than other naturally occurring phallic-looking formations I have seen.)

* There was all of this talk about Joe Torre being fired and Lou Pinella being hired as the Yankees manager. Fortunately, it's all for naught and Torre will be back. I could deal with a new manager...I mean I got over Buck being sent packing in '95 or '96 (there was something about him I liked back then, now, I have no clue what it was). But I could not deal with Lou Pinella. Oh gosh. I can't stand him. I can not stand him in a boat, I can not stand him with a goat. On the bench, in the booth. I can not stand him, Steph I am. Phew.

* Seriously, FOX should not be allowed to broadcast MLB playoff games. It's like watching some HS TV shop that gets new technology and has to play with it all the time. My favorite is when they shoot the batter from a different angle other than with the center field camera and the green screen behind him that is designed for imposing ads shows up green instead of with an ad. That happens basically anytime they shoot from a different angle or when they show a replay using the center field camera and that angle wasn't shown live. It's funny to me. And maybe only to me. But that brings me to another point...one of the angles that FOX uses is that stupid in-the-dirt cam. Whether it's on the mound or near the plate or stuck on a base or whatever. I hate it. It shows me nothing other than making players look like giants. And it makes me nauseous, like I imagine I would feel while watching IMAX while I'm drunk. I'm waiting for the camera installed in the brim of the pitchers hat so we can watch his grubby fingers adjust his hat between every pitch while he waits for the sign from his catcher. They also put microphones on half of the players. And talk to managers or coaches between innings. I don't like that either - doesn't go with the flow of the game to me. Takes the mystery out of post-game press conferences sometimes.

* I attempted to stop at the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame to bring me home a cowboy...but, alas, they are only open on Thursday-Sunday. I was wondering why the parking lot was so empty.
What a great job. I may have to return. You know what they say, "Save a horse, ride a cowboy." Instead, I just got a picture of the statue outside. That's as good as it got.


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