Tuesday, January 22, 2008


The motherboard went out on my computer at work today. Which I initially interpreted to mean that I can no longer summon the force to be with me. What it really means is that I can't plug my keyboard in anymore because the purple thingy that you plug the purple pluggy-thingy into is loose.

At least that's what I narrowed it down to mean. All I really knew was that my keyboard didn't work anymore. I couldn't get any other keyboards to work, and the IT people couldn't get it to work. And they couldn't believe I had used my computer earlier without a problem. So the explanation I kept hearing was "the motherboard is gone."

Where does a motherboard go? Why didn't I see it leave? Why can't we just get it back?

How did I get put onto 4 different technology-related committees at work when I can't
figure out that the purple thingy is loose on the back of my computer?

So I looked up "motherboard" on Google. (See, that was my ploy to get my blog to pull up on a Google alert!!) I got a Wikipedia hit. Apparently, a motherboard is also known as a "mobo" for short.

If our IT guys had called it a "mobo" I would have probably been insulted. But I may try calling the help desk tomorrow and asking how my "mobo" is doing!


At 10:48 AM, Blogger Purple Raider53 said...

It's simple. You just connect to dohickey to the whatmacallit and the gizmo works.

Or something like that. Good luck.


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