Thursday, February 08, 2007


Just in case anyone thought I was joking anytime I talked about rare fruit or weird fruit or stuff like that, here is a picture of part of the display that my parents' rare fruit tree club has put up at the Florida State Fair. Click on the picture to get a larger version AND learn what fruit is what!

Here's the whole display:

Doesn't that just make you hungry?

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It's Winter

I've been incredibly inactive in blogging lately. Not because nothing exciting has happened in my life. Excitement follows me around. It's my middle name. But it never happens to me when I'm near a computer. And then I forget about it. Plus, this pesky "work" part of my life has been keeping me pretty busy. Blah, blah, blah. Enough excuses. Time for just plain randomness.

* It's snowing today. Nothing too exciting with that, except for the stupid people that brings out. Coupled with the fact that it hasn't been above zero in days, which means that it feels warmer because it's snowing. To me, it feels like it's about 6 degrees. But back to the stupid people. So the roads suck, and it has snowed more than an inch already, with no signs of letting up (despite the fact that the meterologists said that we wouldn't even get an inch in the cities and it would be stopped by now, but they aren't the stupid people I'm talking about...this time). To me, the least logical mode of transportation in 1+ inches of snow in an place where they don't plow until the storm is done, if we're lucky, when it's -5 out, would be a bike. But of course, as I pull out of the driveway to my apartment this morning, some moron is on a bike, going in the same direction as I am heading, and gets to my driveway just before I pull out. So I'm stuck behind A BIKE. And I can't get around him because there's a very narrow part of the road that has been traveled upon, and there are cars coming head-on, and I'm not sure it's smart to venture into the slippery part of the road and risk taking out myself, The Stupid Biker and an oncoming SUV. Instead, I have to wait behind the dumbass until I get to the light. Of course, he thinks I want to get around him (true), and slows down, thinking that because he's slowing down, that clears the way for me to get around him (NOT TRUE...only getting off the damn road does that, moron). I hope he falls off his bike.

* If the stupid biker wasn't enough, I turn right at the light, and there's a school bus pulled over to the side of the road with his hazard lights on. Not the flashing red or even yellow lights, just his hazards. So I go around him, because you only have to stop for school buses if they have the flashing red lights on at the top. Well, apparently he was waiting for the slow-ass kid and his mom to get out of their car, which must have been half a block down the road because I didn't see them as I went through the "gotta pause and see if I have missed something and double-check for the flashing red lights because I go around the bus and get pulled over for endangering the life of a little kid" moment. As I crept around the bus and got in front of it, I saw the mom and kid running up to the door and jumping on the bus - but the bus never turned on the flashing red lights. But people were stopped behind him. Oh well. It's snowing, it's -5, and the bus doesn't put on the red lights to signal "Stop and don't hit this kid." Not my fault.

* But other than that, things are great. Except for Super Bowl ads. Did anyone else notice that the Coke ads were the ones they have been showing in movie theatres for months? Those weren't Super Bowl ads! If I'm going to sit through the commercials, I want to see original ads made just for me for that day. Screw that recycled ad stuff. Blah. The only funny ad was the one with the assembly line machine that jumped/fell off the bridge when it got fired for dropping a screw, in his dream. That was funny stuff. And a couple of the Bud Light ads were funny, although at times...incredibly politically incorrect - meaning they will never be aired again.

* Prince is awesome. All he has to do is stand on a stage and sing. They don't need all of that other song and dance and crap. He can stand on a cool-shaped stage with his cool-shaped purple guitar and sing and everyone will be happy. Best halftime. Great. I was slightly disappointed that he sold out and wore the crappy Dolphins colors, but I guess if anyone can pull it off, he can. I wish he had worn purple though. And when was the last time you saw any kind of half time show (and I include cheesy parade performances, too) where the performer actually sang? Prince sang. For real. Good job.

* I'm tapped out. My brain is fried because I've been eliminating soda from my diet because things like milk, OJ and water are better for you (so I've been told), and I've had so few Cokes in the last few weeks that I think it's affecting my mental capacity. At least that's what I've been telling myself. I have also had a severe shortage in happy hour outings lately, which is probably affecting my ability to practice my social interaction skills. I'm boring.